"Help me do it myself."

Dr. Maria Montessori dedicated her life to empowering children to learn and explore. The Montessori method is our pledge and guiding principle.

One-to-one Teacher Guidance

Trained Montessori teachers observe each child's progress, preparing lessons based on their interests and developmental needs.

The Whole Child Approach

Multi-age grouping allows children to grow, learning different roles in collaboration with other students.

A Creative, Prepared Environment

Our Montessori classrooms resemble the home, and hands-on activities are structured around learning of a greater world.

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Open house

  • Start Date
  • Jan. 13, 2015
  • Start Time
  • 5:00 -7:00 pm

Bring your child, explore and learn about our Montessori program and classrooms.
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Map view of Little Voyageurs' location near Central Ave & 694

We are located 3 blocks south of 694 and west of Central Avenue


The attention we were given after just stopping in and inquiring was enough for us to know the type of environment our son would be entering into. He's one of the youngest at the school and he's been supported and guided by the teachers and surprisingly, the other students. We are proud advocates of the school!
The Baileys

Get Involved

We encourage parents of Little Voyageurs to become engaged with LVMS along with their children. There's an abundance of activities, events and ways to offer support!

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