Program Information

The Montessori Method

At the heart of the Montessori method is placing children on the path of a life-long love of learning - and learning how to learn is the first step. Montessori is an alternative parent choice to traditional preschool and child care programs, providing an early childhood learning environment. It promotes independence and developmental growth, tailored to each child's own pace; mentally, emotionally, socially and physically is the best way to instill confidence, curiosity and collaboration skills as the child's journey into life takes off. A Montessori education helps develop self-discipline and respect for oneself as well as others, while providing children with a safe, supportive and creative environment in which to explore their world.

A solid learning foundation handled by our professional staff, optimising when learning occurs naturally for a child and emphasizing that children's work is the process not the product, is key to helping each child realize his or her unique capabilities in a cheerful, noncompetitive atmosphere.

You know your child is in the right place when they wake up EVERY morning at five ready to learn.

Neal Family

Our Classrooms

Before the age of six, a child learns from direct contact with their environment. By means of all the senses and through movement, the child absorbs information from their surroundings. Little Voyageurs' classroom provides the child with safety, love, independence, respect and trust while allowing them the freedom to move around and explore their environment.

Our teachers serve as guides within the classroom, providing initial presentations of new materials to a student. That student is encouraged to work with the material any time and as often as they desire. As the child internalizes the structure and moves more confidently, the guide decreases their influences.

The mixed-age classroom allows children to learn from each other. The older children help the younger ones, reinforcing what the older children have learned as well as enhance their self-esteem. The younger children have role models to follow and are mentored and helped by the older children.

We believe that it is important that the children do not become discouraged or frustrated when they make mistakes. The instructional materials are designed to allow the children to explore and make mistakes without being criticized for their error. Through repetition the child will perfect the task.

Bringing in elders from a nearby care facility to work with the children for a day, and engaging with educational resources from the city and county (such as the "Bug Guy") are just two examples of the way LVMS demonstrates a drive to create a network of community awareness and involvement.

Chris J

Extended Day

The extended daycare program operates between 6 am to 6 pm. It is designed to complement the Montessori environment and maintain continuity to further their growth, development and school readiness skills. It provides extensions in language and reading, math, geography, as well as activities in art, science, music, food preparation, and large and small muscle development, indoor and outdoor activities, group time, special enrichment units, field trips and gardening. The extended daycare hours meet the parents’ need for flexible schedules and allows parents to pay only for the extended daycare hours the child attends. This is unique to LVMS and provides cost control for parents.